Our Friends – The Elks

Our Friends – The Elks

The Henderson War Memorial Foundation is fortunate to have a wonderful, supportive relationship with the Fraternal Order of the Elks, particularly Elks Lodge #206 Home.  The Elks have been and continue to be among the most ardent supporters of the goals and projects of the Henderson War Memorial Foundation.  The Foundation is grateful for the support from the Elks.  Just this past Christmas, the Foundation purchased a jukebox for the Veterans at the Western Kentucky Veterans Center in Hanson, Kentucky.  Upon learning of this gift and the cost to the Foundation, the Elks Lodge took it upon themselves to match the cost of the jukebox for the Vets.  As such, the Foundation was able to provide the jukebox to the Center with no outlay of funds.  What a selfless and remarkable gift!  The Foundation is so appreciative of this gift but the Vets in Hanson are the ultimate beneficiaries.  Thank you, #206 — you are the best!



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